Short & Healthy Hairstyles

Get Shorty and Healthy

No matter your hair condition, a short cut can only better it. Hair that has been styled with heat and chemicals daily over a period of time takes its toll. Though you can continue to make it look good, does it really feel good? This is something to consider as you contemplate changing your look. Go conservative and take off the dry dull ends, or go all the way and get shorty. Whatever you choose, your hair is going to come back with a bounce and vitality that may have been missing from your total look.

Short and healthy hair

Letís look at the shorty. Beyond easy, it takes very little styling to maintain this look, giving your hair the chance regain itsí health. Visit your salon and ask for a short cut that is wispy throughout with mid length bangs. Thatís it. At home, prep your hair with a moisturizing mousse and let your own hair shine through. Angles away is another short haircut that promotes getting the hair back to a healthy natural state. When you visit your salon, request a chin length cut thatís layered in the back and at the sides with long swept bangs. At home, use a volumising shampoo and conditioner to add body and youíre all set!

Smooth and sleek is another short do that looks wonderful as you allow your hair to repair itself. This cut is achieved by an asymmetrical cut with the hair longer in the front than in the back. Add full, straight, short bangs. At home, apply a weekly deep conditioning treatment. A light spritz after, allowing hair to naturally dry, is all thatís necessary to keep the look neat and clean.
Do your curls need TLC? A short cut will have them bouncing back in no time. Ask for a short cut having layers cut throughout, and then finish off with layered bangs. At home, use only products made specifically for your curly hair. Want to add some drama as you baby your look? Short hair lends itself well to the dramatic edge. In explaining to your stylist, be very specific in what you wish to achieve. For this cut, as with any others, a picture may be the best way to convey what you want. Still, knowing the terms will keep you and the stylist on the same page. This look begins with a chin length bob. Then cut long layers into the hair with the razor. Short layers over the crown and top of the head, leaving bangs long and wispy. At home care uses a volumizing shampoo to pump your look and a shaping wax to separate the layers.

The last look is something unexpected. So much so, that it works in a variety of ways. It is known as the new romantic. At the salon, ask for soft long layers from the crown to the brow line and chin. This works best with thick and curly hair. Use large hot curlers to style after blow drying on warm. Apply a natural shine to hold and finish the look. | Resources | Add Links