Short Celebrity Hairstyles

Go Short: Rock it like a Celeb

Looking for the inspiration to go short? Look no further than Hollywood. The looks vary but one thing they all have in common that they all rock sexy for an active lifestyle: one very much like yours. Thinking you want something you can wash and run? That’s possible to achieve, but to take an additional 5 minutes with some star worthy styling products will have you ready to walk the red carpet in no time! Below, for your consideration, are some of Hollywood’s elite rocking the short hairstyles, and easy instructions on how they do it.
Even though Ann Hathaway does not feel she’s very pretty, to look at her you do not doubt it for a moment. Rocking her tomboy look by day to her all out glam at night, her hair moves easily from one scene to the next, thanks to her basic shoulder length cut. During the day, a spritz and a blow dry with a round brush has her looking polished. Getting ready for the evening involves taking medium size Velcro rollers and wrapping the hair in 1 inch sections. After 20 minutes, the hair is sprayed with a lightweight strong holding spray, curlers are removed, and a gentle shake of the head has her heading out the door.

Very few can rock as short as Halle Berry, sporting a pixie look that has been razor cut on the ends. It then takes a layered cut to achieve her sexy messy. Always begin with a moisturizing shampoo followed by a deep conditioner. This keeps the hair smooth and frizz free. Towel dry and apply a mixture of equal parts of styling gel and straightening balm. Working from the roots to the ends, this will provide long lasting hold. Next, blow dry your hair in sections. Start from the bottom up. Using clips, section off the hair and dry. Using a round brush, dry the back first, rolling the hair on the brush. Do this on your entire head. When you are done, your hair should be big and full and sticking out everywhere. Now, you will apply cream pomade to small sections of your hair, working it in and bending the hair in whichever direction you wish it to go. To finish, apply a light shining spray. Go easy on this as it can make hair appear greasy.

Jennifer Love Hewitt rocks a bob like no one else. A classic cut, she updates it quickly with bang trims. A must do rocking the bob. You want the bangs skimming the eyes for that sultry bedroom look. Hair in the eyes is a totally different look! Jennifer keeps her dark locks glistening with a color enhancing shampoo. An anti –frizz serum keeps the look from going bushy. Kate Perry’s edgy textured look is also achieved with styling products. Spraying your hair with a dry shampoo adds lift and texture. A flat iron achieves the bang look Perry sports. Check out the cut of the bangs. Can you trust your stylist to rock this look? If not, take your time and do it yourself! | Resources | Add Links