Sexy Short Hairstyles in Sport

Sexy for any Sport

Female athletes are often faced with a special set of circumstances. How do they amp their sex appeal while meeting the demands of the sport? It’s a given that the majority will go with a short hairstyle as the hair must be kept out of the face. There two classic looks they can enjoy: the pulled back pony tail and the page boy bob. Both styles have come a long way since their first appearance on female athletes of years ago. Perhaps the modernization of the 60’s pixie will become the “in look” of this decade.

There are many variations of the pixie tailored to the features of the face. Besides working well to keep the hair out of the eyes, the pixie also works to keep the hair thick and healthy. Keeping the hair fashionable is another way to also compliment the athlete’s total look. The Pixie works with an oval, square, round and heart shaped. Any type or texture of hair works with a pixie. An athlete can change her look everyday by wearing the pixie straight, wavy, scrunched and going in all different directions, or flat ironed and sleek. Go super short, medium short or even some length on the top. It all works while the athlete gets her game on.

Tatiana Grigorieva - Commonwealth games gold medalist.

Tatiana Grigorieva - Commonwealth games gold medalist.

The concave bob is another look that keeps the hair out of the eyes, yet speaks volumes in the sexy sultry department. This cut begins with sides being chipped heavily as the cut moves upward. It creates more volume to the crown by graduating in upward. The big difference between the concave and the asymmetrical bob is that the concave has more bangs up front while the asymmetrical tapers in one length to the back. The use of a straight razor is the one thing all bobs have in common in creating their unique look.

Very short hairstyles for the female athletes are sometime referred to as boy haircuts. The sexiness of these cuts manifests from the “pop” of the facial features. Play up the best feature, play up all the features. You can’t go wrong when sporting super short hair.
Though the majority of sports are best played without the addition of jewelry, the addition of tattoos is becoming more and more prevalent in the female athlete circle. Have not noticed this, you say? Steal a glance behind the ears of some of your favorite sport figures. Perhaps this is the real reason they are sexy in short!

Individuality need not be lost for today’s female athlete. The younger athletes seem to be just as aware of their look as they are their game. More and more, we are hearing the term “branding” and seeing this as representing the total package of the individual. Perhaps this is one reason it is so important to be aware of the trends and how they can work for you. Standing out from the crowd these days take more than game. It takes a sexy style that others wish to emulate. | Resources | Add Links