Short Hairstyles for Summer

Easy Breezy Summer Days

Going short in the summer is such an attractive alternative to the usual heavier styles of fall and winter that, if you choose the right length, you can maintain the short style and then begin go grow it out as summer wanes. There are so many new and chic looks to choose from, you are sure to find the one that matches your style and personality to a Tee!

The first look you may want to consider is one that a lot of teenage girls are swinging. Itís referred to as Sweet Angels. This works best for straight to wavy hair. Tell your stylist you want a short cut with long bangs in the front and layers cut into the back. In order to style your new cut at home, you will need to apply smooth styling gel through your hair. Blow dry down, sweeping bangs to one side. Apply pomade to the back to add texture then pull on the ends to create wisps in your hair. If you like the wispy look, then you may want to learn how to wear the rock and roll wisp. Itís great for straight chin length hair in the face. For the back, you want the length to the nape of the neck. Your stylist will take a razor and cut wisp and layers throughout your hair finishing with your bangs left long and side swept from the top. To keep the style up at home, apply mousse to your hair. This will add body. Blow dry straight and smooth then add your pomade to the ends to create your wisp and spikes and a bit of ruffle to your hair.

If you have fine straight hair, then there is a wonderful look just waiting for you. The Mod is a very simple cut. Tell your stylist you want the Mod Cut. They should be familiar with the cut as itís an updated version of the classic Bob. Your stylist will give you a short style with long bangs. This involves layering it to the nape of your neck, leaving more weight on top of your head. At home, blow dry your hair smooth. Tease lightly at the crown. Then smooth down, add a shining product, and you are finished!

Is your hair curly or hold a natural wave? The look is actually called the Wave and was designed just for you. Ask your stylist for a chin length cut with long layers to pop your curls. At home you can use a curl activating shampoo and conditioner. Let your hair dry naturally and then arrange your look with your favorite gel. Downtown is pretty dramatic. Itís one of the shortest hairstyles that is gaining popularity. Tell your stylist that you want a short spikey cropped style with longer buzz cut bangs in the front. As you can imagine, it takes about 5 minutes to style this do at home. Use your favorite styling gel to get the look you want. Do be aware that regular salon visits for trims is a must for this look. | Resources | Add Links