Short Hairstyles for You

Short Hair: Is it for you?

Feeling blah? Stuck in a beauty rut? The quickest way out is a change in the way you wear your hair. Going short can be a very liberating experience. A short mane sometimes produces the loudest roar. While short hair is not for everyone, about the only drawback is your level of confidence. It does take some pizzazz to pull off a short look. Be ready to adapt your look to the hair you choose. Even your accessories will look different with short locks. Short hair can compliment any sort of lifestyle and activity level.

Choosing the right cut is your 1st priority. The hairstyle you choose must leave you feeling confident and sexy or you wonít carry the look. Of course, your first few experiences with short hair may have you growing into the look, once you find the one for you; itís easy enough to change to suit your mood with a variety of styling products. The key to the cut is balance; you want the proportions correct in order to create that sassy swing and line. Your hair should look great and be naturally manageable in a short do before you even begin to style. When you have that going on, you have a winner look!

Short curly hair is very versatile. There is a styling product for every look imaginable. Want to tame those curls? Want to pump up your curl in your short do? Anything goes in creating your own signature. If your hair is thick and you are contemplating going short, keep in mind that itís wise to begin with a jaw length bob. Learning to work this look will give you the intimate knowledge of what works with your thick hair. The majority of styling products are for thick hair so you will have no trouble in finding whatís right for you.

When going short, you will find yourself considering your hair color a bit differently. Since short makes your features more prominent, you may want to consider softening your hair color and adding light and definition around the face. This usually requires a professional consult and coloring by a stylist. Watch how the stylist works with your hair to create the look you have asked for. Always learn as much as you can while in the chair and donít be afraid to ask questions! A good stylist is passionate about their work and eager to share their knowledge.

Thinking of going short with layers? This is a look thatís very easy to learn to style at home. The bed hair style works great with the layered cut. While drying your hair hold your head down and brush the head forward towards your face. Let your dry for a minute or so, then keeping your head down, spray with hair spray. Now, set the dryers setting on low and go over your hair once more. Then spray a bit more and lift. There you have it: Your ďsexy just got out of bed look!Ē | Resources | Add Links